Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Humans not major factor in climate change

I am grateful for programs that promote cleaner air, for the liberties we still have, and our God-given natural resources. I wish we could look at what we refer to as climate change with an open mind and without motive.

There has always been climate change. Always the Earth has been getting cooler or warmer. And those tectonic plates just never stay still. The land masses have always been moving.

Billions of years ago our Earth was a snowball. Can you imagine such a thing?

Around 75 million years ago, Utah was a hot swampy island mass where dinosaurs ruled.

Just 10,000 years ago half of North America was covered in a thick ice sheet. The melting of the ice sheets brought about our Great Lakes. Man was not yet using fossil fuels to cause this melting. Nor did he know they existed.

Fossil records tell us that climate change is the planet’s “normal” state. It has shown five previous worldwide extinction events before human era. Is there a normal temperature for this beautiful Earth? I am not saying man is blameless; but he is not the big factor in this change.

I believe the Earth will continue to warm until for some reason it begins to cool again.

Lutricia Smeal