Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Humans are influencing climate

I recently saw a letter to the editor titled “Humans not major factor in climate change” (CDT, March 7) that I felt warranted a response. I believe that humans are a major factor in climate change.

Yes, the writer is correct that climate does change naturally without humans. The usually glacial changes in climate are now happening at a faster and after rate.

What I found most troubling was the “the climate will cool down for some reason or another.” The evidence that humans are the cause of this rapid change in climate is very hard to dispute and I believe that saying the climate is unexplainable is not a good enough argument. We know that humans emit large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. We know that this has caused a 30 percent increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since 1960. We know that greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun in the atmosphere. We know that the average world temperature is rising so much so that 2014 was the hottest year on record so far.

Each of these elements of the theory of man-made climate change is very hard to dispute when isolated. That along with the overwhelming majority of climate scientists in agreement about man-made raises an important question. What is there left to dispute?

Oliver Rose

State College