Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Groupthink fueling climate doom

Humans are like lemmings running over a cliff: We’d rather stick with our group ideology, stay with the actions of our group than save ourselves.

Recent letters by Rep. Glenn Thompson on the Keystone pipeline (CDT, March 8) and Lutricia Smeal (CDT, March 7) on human contribution to climate change continue to ignore climate change reality, even as the results get more dire.

The science behind CO2 and heating of the air are very straightforward, The calculations on the effects of various fossil fuels on CO2 in the air is also straightforward once getting good numbers on different nations consumptions of those fuels.

The human contribution to climate change is large and easily proven. The interactions of this CO2 with various aspects of this world are more complex, but the evidence is clear. We should not be going down this road of higher CO2.

David Brooks (CDT, March 9) insisting we should stick with increasing education as a Democrat goal ignores the corruption of our democracy that’s brought it to its knees by the blind tea party ideology propped up by businesses and foundations started by men like the Koch brothers. You have to get a functioning democracy back before any lasting progress is made.

Doug Keith

State College