Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Keystone veto was for everyone

It’s difficult to know where begin in responding to Rep. Glenn Thompson’s CDT column, “Politics behind Keystone decision.” (March 8).

When you consider that the oil and gas industries are the largest donors to Thompson’s campaign coffers, his support for the Keystone pipeline is hardly surprising. Those nice oil and gas folks are simply getting what they paid for.

Thompson ignores that, once pumped through the U.S., the refined product will be sold on the world market. Despite what he claims, the extraordinarily dirty tar sands product will not enhance our domestic energy supply in any way.

Thompson calls President Barack Obama’s decision to veto the Keystone Pipeline Approval Act the result of “political calculations,” as if politics played no role for Republicans pushing this blatantly political act in the first place.

Thompson and his fellow Republicans are big on property rights, but apparently not when it comes to a foreign oil company forcing this pipeline, with serious risks to land and groundwater, through family farms and prime agricultural regions.

Above all, Thompson just can’t understand that, while coal, oil and gas have brought us a wonderful life, we will pay a terrible price by continuing their carbon emissions. Carbon fuels are yesterday’s news; we shouldn’t build any more infrastructure to support them.

Obama didn’t veto the Keystone act “purely to appease small, vocal groups of environmental extremists” as Thompson claims. He did it for everyone, including Thompson’s children and grandchildren.

Bonnie Marshall