Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Stand against Ayers invite

I am taken aback that Penn State will host and honor radical leftist professor Bill Ayers in upcoming forums.

Ayers’ notorious actions in association with the 1960s Weather Underground included engineering terrorist bombings in the pursuit of political extremism.

Rather than repent for his crimes as he aged, he has remained defiant, stating that he “wishes we had done more.”

It is interesting that when institutions of higher learning go off the deep end, honoring those who deeply offend, it is always through conferring stature on those from the far left.

Imagine the reaction on campus if a polarizing figure from the other side of the political spectrum were provided a forum, someone such as David Duke. I am not advocating such an invitation, but if it were made, certainly virtually no one at the university would assert that Duke has a right to be heard, rather there would be protests and threats of such virulence that such an appearance would have to be canceled.

I applaud state Sen. Joseph Scarnati for condemning the appearance. It is regrettable that university President Eric Barron (who stands to make off with an obscene $6 million in compensation alone over five years) does not exhibit a similar level of common sense and decency by quashing the invitation.

I suppose this is what we can expect of a university president who outlandishly joined protesters in insulting police officers through making the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture.

Oren Spiegler

Upper St. Clair