Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: More than a ‘silly chant’

We were disturbed to read Phil Edmunds’ letter to the editor Saturday, in which he said a song about lynching black people was “only a silly chant.”

We think Edmunds was wrong to rank a single State Patty’s day arrest as “more flagrantly inappropriate” than a bus full of white Oklahoma University fraternity members cheerfully singing about lynching blacks.

OU is a leading educational institution in a state whose past 100 years bear the burden of dozens of lynchings and other racially driven murders.

We think the leadership at OU was right to address the fraternity’s organized display of hateful, un-American and flagrantly inappropriate behavior by disbanding their SAE chapter.

Unlike Edmunds, we think the leadership at Penn State is right to not disproportionately concern itself with one arrest among the 216 that occurred during this year’s student drinking holiday.

Though we wish State Patty’s day would go away, we think that, as far as student-organized events go, drinking parties are far superior to parties that promote lynching.

Michael and Susanna Paul

State College