Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Pipeline decision requires facts

In response to the criticism of Rep. Glenn Thompson’s premise in his column regarding the president’s veto of the Keystone pipeline, I’d like to point out of a few facts.

All politicians on the left and on the right receive campaign contributions.

Poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans support the Keystone pipeline, including those in the areas it would affect. The pipeline has strong and vocal labor union support. There is strong support from the state legislatures through which the pipeline would pass.

The Canadians, our neighbors, are going to sell their oil somewhere, so by stopping the pipeline there is still no net reduction to greenhouse gases. EPA and state environmental study after study show little to no adverse effect in the areas as compared to other development projects. Stopping the pipeline has not changed Canada’s opportunity for the selling of the oil, but does change America’s opportunity by preventing new jobs and economic growth.

I bring these documented facts to point out there does appear to be some other reasons why our president decided to veto the Keystone pipeline.

Jacquie Babb

State College