Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Setting a bad example

In a local grocery store parking lot there was a vehicle recently that tidily portrays the perversion that the American right-wing has become.

It was a large SUV, left idling, sporting a bumper sticker that read “I support world peace, one well-placed round at a time.”

When I returned from the store, it was still there, puffing toxins into public air for the comfort of the driver nattering on the cellphone, oblivious to the cartoonish ignorance they personified. There was also, regrettably, a window sticker identifying them as a firefighter, doing no favor to those who serve for reasons other than machismo.

Given the great progress the world has made in the past 100 years toward peaceful coexistence (look it up), and the rapid deterioration of the global environment over the same period (nobody should need to look this up), it seems incredible that, in 2015, anyone who has read a legitimate news source in the past 20 years can find this destructive behavior acceptable, much less practice it.

Paul Barsom

State College