Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: U.S. should follow EU on climate

The European Union has submitted a formal pledge to the United Nations ahead of climate change talks later this year.

The EU is the first major economy to formalize its position on cutting carbon pollution before world leaders meet in France in November, hoping to finalize a global deal on climate change.

The EU also has called on the United States, China and other major countries to submit pledges by month’s end.

Unfortunately, big polluters and their allies in Congress are working hard to block public health and environmental safeguards here at home, and in the process stall a global deal. They would rather put their own profits before people and pollution before public health.

An excuse commonly used by climate change deniers is that the rest of the world isn’t taking action, and the U.S. won’t be able to make a difference until others do.

That mentality is inexcusable. Other nations are stepping forward, and we must too.

We have an obligation to protect our children and subsequent generations from the impacts of climate change by addressing its primary cause: carbon pollution from power plants.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan does just that, drawing on the strength and ingenuity of American innovation to slash dangerous carbon pollution being dumped into our air while driving investment in energy efficiency and clean energy sources that will power the 21st century.

The Clean Power Plan means we will never have to choose between healthy ecosystems and a healthy economy.

Ed Bellis

Potters Mills