Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Education investment pays off

Regarding college tuition, Ann McFeatters writes that in many other nations universities are free (CDT, March 20).

This is true for my home country, Germany, where I earned fine degrees and worked as an assistant professor for many years. I also received a valuable degree from a Pennsylvania university.

In Germany, not only is a university education free, but someone who wants to become a carpenter does not have to pay for an education, but works several days a week and visits a vocational school.

Rather than having debt from education, he/she is paid for this time. Such students accumulate benefits like health insurance and retirement from day one. Investment in education is one reason for Germany’s strong economy.

McFeatters says, “America’s universities are the best in the world.”

These are big words. Based on what? Studies comparing all the universities of the world? Does she personally know all the universities of the world? And how does she know that “the best and brightest from every other nation” are attracted to U.S. universities? What does she know about the quality of foreign students in Finland or in Germany, for example?

One last word: In all my years of being closely connected to a prestigious German university, I have never heard of anything like fraternity rape, binge drinking, sexual abuse happening on campus or the need for a college police force — not from my university and not from any other in Germany.

Sigrid Bingenheimer

State College