Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Mission left politics on Earth

On March 27, Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko left for the International Space Station. Upon their return in one year, they will join the short list of those who have spent a continuous year in space.

The joint NASA-Roscosmos “One-Year Mission” is unique in that both astronauts have an identical twin, providing an opportunity to research the effects of prolonged activity in low gravity.

This is crucial for preparing a Mars mission crew.

I wrote in a previous letter about a failed American particle accelerator and received comments about how our decline in scientific advancement is the fault of a particular political party.

It seems impossible to me that science belongs solely to one political ideology or that some are barred from it. Scientific benefits extend to all sectors of our civilization — to all civilizations. They are bipartisan efforts and the failure of some to understand certain theories seems to stem more from personal faults than political leanings.

Friday, with all propriety, we joined with Russia to learn how our species — not our party or nation — finds new homestead in the solar system.

In two decades, we traversed turmoil between two nations: global annihilation to interplanetary cooperation.

If this Cold War of Science exists, we shall overcome it.

Anthony J. Zarzycki

University Park