Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Penn State governance dysfunctional

During the public comment period of the March 20 Penn State board of trustees meeting, I tried to illustrate just how incredibly dysfunctional the Penn State governance structure has become.

If a trustee were to funnel Penn State construction projects to associates who then bilk the university out of millions of dollars through fraudulent invoices and split the ill-gotten gains, clearly we would be guilty of not paying attention.

But the bigger picture is that we have a governance structure that allows unelected trustees to take a role on the board without any vetting or authorization on the part of the stakeholders and without any accountability to the stakeholders.

Trustee Mark Dambly and many other non-elected trustees were placed on the board solely through the efforts of Pennsylvania legislators or other acquaintances with ties to them and their businesses.

This is a systemic problem throughout this unaccountable, factionalized, disengaged board, and until that is corrected we are fated to be governed by an entire raft of such trustees.

Barry Fenchak

State College