Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Keep Easter ‘grass’ under control

As a volunteer with a bird conservation program, I have seen the deaths caused when birds use strings to build their nests.

They are readily attracted to discarded pieces of Easter grass, fishing line, frayed blue tarp strings, kite string, gift wrap ribbon and strings of all sorts.

Chicks toddling and turning in the nest get their feet tangled and they die a gruesome death of starvation, unable to leave the nest.

Adult birds are trapped as well, as they carry the strings through the twigs and branches during nest construction.

At Easter time, many people take Easter baskets with plastic grass to parks. The strings get spread all over the lawns and the birds readily gather it.

I encourage all readers to pick up every string left by someone who may not be aware of the danger. It will prevent birds from adding dangerous material to their nests.

Park goers may not give birds a second thought, but their melodious songs and flits of color through dappled sunlight unconsciously combine into the rich tapestry of sights and sounds that let us know we have spent a wonderful day in the park.

Pick up all strings always.

Alice Saunders