Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Rep. Glenn Thompson, Sen. Pat Toomey fail Pa.

According to Monday’s CDT, U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Howard Township, and Sen. Pat Toomey continue to vote against the interests of many people in central Pennsylvania.

Thompson voted to end Medicare as we know it and to replace it with a voucher system. This would force older people to purchase private health insurance plans instead of simply relying on the good plan they have now.

Can you imagine a 90-year-old person, perhaps visually or mentally impaired, having to shop around to select the best private insurance policy? I can’t.

This was just one part of the Republican budget, which would also cut taxes for the rich. Thanks a lot, Thompson. It’s pretty clear who he’s really working for.

Then on March 26, Toomey voted against a Democrat-sponsored amendment to allow college students to refinance their loans at lower interest rates. Former students are already so burdened with college debt that they are sometimes postponing getting married and buying houses.

This crisis that young people face does not seem to matter at all to Toomey.

Democracy requires that we citizens keep track of what elected officials are doing. So, I thank the CDT for printing the voting records of people in Congress who claim to be working for us.

Bob Baillie

State College