Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Pushing back at gay agenda

I am old enough to remember 40-50 years ago when “gay” activists used the mantra “What we do in our own bedrooms is no one’s business but our own.”

But their agenda went far beyond this over the years. Today they are trying to force their lifestyle on everyone. They are flaunting it in very nonprivate ways in their gay pride parades depicting shameful behavior.

This is certainly not keeping it in their bedrooms. They are forcing schools to teach young children that their behavior is normal. Their end goal is to have their behavior deemed normal by everyone. They have no tolerance for those who believe this behavior is sinful.

Now they are pushing to have homosexual marriage accepted in all 50 states. Their latest move is to target Christian business owners who have religious objections to homosexuality.

Homosexuals say they want to hire them to provide such services as flowers, photographs and cakes for their “weddings.” If such a business says that it cannot provide these services because of sincerely held religious reasons, they sue the business owner. The business then is left with a dilemma of either surrendering their beliefs or going to court to fight on grounds of religious freedom, which may be so cost prohibitive that they have to go out of business and lose their livelihood and even their homes.

There are doubtless many people in these businesses who have no religious objections to homosexuality. Why are they targeting those who do?

Gloria Lehr

State College