Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: If Penn State trustees seek unity, they should admit mistakes

It has been three years and counting since the Jerry Sandusky scandal, and we are still not even close to knowing all the truth.

What we do know is Joe Paterno was not involved in any cover up. The statue and plaques were removed in haste by the board of trustees using the victims as an excuse.

It has always been said that it takes a big man to admit his mistakes. When are the trustees going admit they made a mistake?

Paterno, along with the players who won the games on the plaques, had nothing to do with Sandusky’s crimes.

The trustees want unity. Why don’t they start with the alumni and fans whose trust they destroyed with their actions? Bring back the statue and wall. It is time for them to apologize to the family and fans alike.

They claim they are worried about vandalism. That is what cameras are for.

Paterno made Penn State a better place over 61 years; it took days for the trustees to tear that down. It’s time to rebuild the image and put the happy back into Happy Valley. Maybe then we will get the unity so desired.

Cowards cover their butts. It takes a real man to make a stand.

Brian Hassinger