Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: No pleasure Cruz

Ted Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship, imagining himself “Mr. President.”

On Sunday, strutting on a stage at Liberty University, he propelled himself into the 2016 presidential race.

The candidate asked his audience to “imagine” him as president. Then, in a moment of predictable irony, Cruz eliminated all hope of imagination.

Delivering the usual litany of scripted Republican tropes, he promised to end Obamacare (or, private health care insurance purchased through the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace, now serving almost 11 million); he called for securing our borders (making America safe for bigots); he vowed that, as president, he would forbid (his word) same-sex marriage (a commitment between consenting adults who love each other) — all so stridently dictatorial, despite Cruz’s manufactured patina — a man of unimpeachable character, whose every sinewy sentence incorporates the word liberty, for which he plans to fight.

Precisely, how are Republicans un-free?

Always on stage, the bloviating would-be-President Cruz, in his most sincere squinty grimace, promised to stop the president from appeasing Iran, after Cruz and 46 of his Republican colleagues directly intervened — in writing — in sensitive diplomatic talks between Iran, the president, the State Department and five of America’s allies.

The New York Post called them “traitors.” Anyone ask for their emails?

So, do imagine a President Cruz.

Wars without end

and children without food.

Women without choices

and citizens without voices.

I do not like Green Eggs and Ham.

I do not like the disingenuous man.

Marylouise Markle

State College