Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Michael Jackson’s attorney is the fool

I took considerable delight in the opinion column (CDT, April 1) by Thomas Mesereau, attorney at law, until I realized it wasn’t a joke (“Sandusky case merits review”).

On the strength of his having gotten Michael Jackson off the hook, this darling of Fox News would actually have us believe that Jerry Sandusky was framed.

Mesereau’s self-admitted ignorance of the case is breathtaking, but let me attempt to articulate his most gregious omission.

The reason Graham Spanier and his consiglieres — Gary Schulz and Tim Curley — have elicited so much anger and frustration in our community is that each man evidently misled the grand jury concerning his knowledge of the 1998 assault.

This alleged deception constitutes a potential felony for which all three were duly indicted. Of this fact, Mesereau says nothing.

I suggest that, having accorded more ink to Mesereau than his argument deserves, the CDT set an investigative reporter on the trail of an essential question: How in the world has Spanier — who famously and shamefully stated that adopting a “humane” attitude toward Sandusky must be a top priority — along with Schultz, Curley and a bevy of lawyers, managed to so thoroughly gum up the wheels of justice that these cases show little prospect of ever coming to trial?

James Morrow

State College