Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: No gay agenda, just life

In response to Gloria Lehr’s letter (“Pushing back at gay agenda,” April 1), we laugh a lot. We encourage each other’s dreams. We worry about money. We want kids. I’m saving up money to buy an engagement ring.

We are both men. That’s right, card-carrying members of the “gay agenda.”

Our waking moments — those not spent sleeping whilst hanging upside down — are spent trying to destroy marriage and force our lifestyle on everyone.

I must present a rather uncomfortable truth: There is no gay agenda. It’s a made-up notion.

Ideas like a gay agenda or this “religious freedom” law are mostly conjured by comfortable, unimaginative white people — people who will never know what it’s like to be made to feel marginalized on the very basis of their humanity.

Picture it: My boyfriend and I have a simple ceremony on a beach, and the vendors we hire for the event treat us with the same kindness and respect given all of their customers.

If this idea really upends Lehr’s reality, then here is another uncomfortable truth: The problem isn’t us, it’s her.

If she’s “old enough to remember” gays wanting privacy, then she’s also old enough to remember that interracial marriage was illegal until 1967. Her mother may have lived when women couldn’t vote. And like the comfortable, unimaginative white people upholding those bygone laws, she is on the wrong side of history.

As Gandhi said, “Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Jason Traverse