Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Tell Sen. Jake Corman to raise minimum wage

We can raise our minimum wage.

Wal-Mart recently announced a raise in minimum salaries to $10 an hour. McDonald’s tripped over a lower plate, raising average corporate employee wages only $1 to average $9.90 an hour while excluding the 88 percent of employees working at locally owned franchises.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly is debating a bill that would raise the $7.25 minimum wage to $9 an hour, then to $10.10 in 2016, tagged to inflation.

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, R-Benner Township, holds particular sway over this bill; he needs to be persuaded that voters like the idea. This is why you should call his office and ask him to support raise-the-wage legislation.

Virtually every state around us — even West Virginia — has raised its minimum wage.

Pennsylvania, however, is near the bottom (48th) in state job growth since 2012. How can that be? Could raising wages not be harmful to jobs, as claimed?

Workers strapped for cash spend all they have. Livable wages would increase what 1.1 million Pennsylvanians could spend — millions of dollars more per year, a significant stimulus for stagnant economic areas.

Higher-paid workers are more loyal to their companies and more productive. People with living wages do not have to cobble together two or three jobs to survive or live in homeless shelters. They can contribute to their communities, spend more time parenting their children and experience less stress.

Contact Corman. He needs to hear from you.

Dorothy Blair