Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Opposing opposition

I’ve read for the past three years about the Jerry Sandusky case and Penn State’s involvement in it.

Today I read that trustee Anthony Lubrano thinks settlements should be stopped.

If Penn State had stopped this monster in 1998 when it was first brought to their attention, maybe I could agree. But they didn’t, and not until 2008 when it was taken out of Penn State’s hands did something finally get done.

I understand the board’s reluctance to settle without proof of it happening. Obviously, the university can investigate if a victim was truly a victim.

To me, Lubrano is just mad his beloved university screwed up and now it is time to pay the piper. I’m sure that if the victims had been children of any of the six who voted against the settlements, they would feel differently.

I don’t hold Penn State as a whole completely responsible. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely do not hold the young men who now make up the Nittany Lion football team responsible and I whole-heartedly believe the sanctions imposed were completely out of hand.

That’s how I view Lubrano and his constant whining and lack of responsibility to the victims of this heinous crime and total monster.

Brandon Fisher