Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Read Spanier’s lawsuit

I have followed former Penn State president Graham Spanier’s lawsuit against Louis Freeh and others with great interest.

After reading the lawsuit, it’s patently clear that Spanier was a pre-identified target of Freeh and the 2011 Penn State board of trustees.

Rather than objectively interview all witnesses and take all the available evidence into consideration, Freeh found an easy scapegoat in Spanier and Joe Paterno. And he did so at the behest and approval of the board to avoid the NCAA’s death penalty.

In his suit, Spanier argues that Freeh knowingly published a report that defamed Spanier and essentially made him toxic. It’s simply embarrassing that Freeh could show up on the Penn State campus, act like he’s still the head of the FBI, not even interview the main people involved in this case and brand one of the country’s most respected university presidents as a horrific person.

Spanier has given a line-by-line account that shows his innocence. I encourage Pennsylvanians to read his defamation suit and see what a farce the Freeh report is.

Michael Meyer