Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Wrong thinking

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Howard Township, in his column “A balanced budget for a stronger America” (CDT, April 13), comes out with a set of platitudes about how he favors reducing the national debt.

Unfortunately, he neglects to list even one concrete action that would actually achieve this laudable goal. Raise taxes on the rich so they at least pay at the same rate as their secretaries? Not a word about this.

Reduce U.S. defense spending, which exceeds that of the rest of the world combined? I didn’t see that suggestion.

Get the U.S. on a path to renewable energy? Oh, his voting record (reported regularly in the CDT) shows he’s against that.

Cut tax loopholes exploited by his wealthy campaign donors in polluting industries, who get rewarded for shipping American jobs overseas? You must be kidding; let’s cut out food stamps and Obamacare instead.

Oh, he did say some kind words about the Republican budget resolution, which Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman recently described as a “trillion-dollar fraud,” and added that “The modern GOP’s raw fiscal dishonesty is something new in American politics.”

Thompson did slip in a phrase about how he wants to replace your Medicare with “premium support.” Translation: “Buy your own health insurance, Jack, and good luck getting it if you are already sick.”

This is not the kind of thinking we need in Washington. It makes me sad that Thompson represents the 5th Congressional District, because he sure doesn’t represent me.

Howard Bond

State College