Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Driving home a point

Without doubt, climate change is one of the biggest challenges humanity must face.

That’s why it’s important to lower the impact of conventional cars by promoting hybrid electric ones.

Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, cheap to use and home rechargeable. However, they have limited range, long refueling time and high cost.

Currently, the charging stations for electric vehicles are few, so there are concerns about how far you can go.

Hybrid electric vehicles, however, have the advantages without many disadvantages of all-electric vehicles. Because they use an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, hybrids can travel farther while lowering emissions and saving money on fuel, without the fear of running out of electricity.

But hybrids are more expensive to buy than standard vehicles and may have higher maintenance costs due to the difficulty finding a mechanic who can repair hybrids. With new technology each year, hybrids are improving in range and lowering in cost.

When enough people use them, they will be easier to use.

Helping promote hybrids is the Penn State Advanced Vehicle Team, which is currently participating in EcoCAR 3, a collegiate automotive engineering challenge to reengineer a Chevrolet Camaro to reduce its environmental impact while maintaining performance. Sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy and General Motors, government, industry and students will work together for four years to create the best fuel-efficient hybrid car possible.

So in the present or future, please consider a hybrid the next time you visit the dealership.

Jesse Rong

State College