Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Quit blaming the GOP

Seriously? An April 10 opinion page featured a cartoon with Nicholas Kristof’s column depicting two businessmen talking while two other men labeled “middle class” and “poor” stand begging with hats in hands.

The two businessmen refer to the John Boehner Republican budget and then to President Ronald Reagan’s trickle-down budget, implying they have caused the current economic morass.

Since Reagan, we have had eight years of Bill Clinton and six years (but it seems longer) of Barack Obama. Democrats controlled the House and Senate for several years during those times, especially during the early years of Obama’s first term.

That means that, starting with Clinton, we have had at least 14 years of Democratic leadership in the White House and only eight of George Bush and still the writer blames Republicans for the economic woes we are experiencing.

We have witnessed the current administration spend almost $1 trillion in “stimulus spending” as well as investments in failed companies; government expansion into health care (my premiums went up by more than the amount that I was told it would by our president); and failed economic policies that added another $9 trillion to our national operating debt while we still have almost $100 trillion in unsubstantiated debt for entitlement programs.

And you seriously think Reagan and Boehner deserve the blame?

Sure, the Republicans have their share of the blame, but the Democrats deserve their fair share — and more. We can’t continue to spend money we don’t have.

Patrick Knobloch

State College