Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Vindicating Spanier

On March 18, former Penn State president Graham Spanier filed a defamation suit against Louis Freeh in an effort to regain his hard-earned reputation, which was tarnished in an investigative report commissioned by Penn State and written by Freeh.

I commend his action. Freeh’s report provided no real evidence to support serious accusations against Spanier, Tim Curley, Gary Schulz and Joe Paterno during a well orchestrated, sensationalized press conference.

After reading Spanier’s 143-page complaint, I am incredibly impressed with the professionalism that he has demonstrated during the past three years.

A lesser man would have publicly lashed back at the university, the board of trustees and Freeh. It is painfully apparent that Freeh resisted all attempts that Spanier made to direct him toward the truth.

In what I consider to be a series of poor decisions, the university that Spanier served so faithfully abandoned him.

The trustees with whom he worked so closely betrayed him. Freeh accused him of failing to protect children, knowing that it was not true. Through all of this, Spanier has maintained the same positive attitude and reserved dignity with which he served Penn State so well.

As a Penn State alumna, I am grateful for Spanier’s perseverance and determination to expose the Freeh report for what it is: an $8 million justification for the board of trustees’ poor handling of the Sandusky scandal.

I look forward to Spanier’s day in court so that the truth may prevail.

Ceil Masella

Columbus, N.J.