Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Penn State arrogance on display

The narrative constructed by Louis Freeh was that Penn State football had grown into such a colossus, economically and politically, that it was able to cover up criminal activity by Jerry Sandusky for years.

That narrative was false, but the truth is even worse.

Penn State itself is that colossus.

The board is protected by powerful political allies. Sen. John Yudichak’s bill would re-orient some of the power from State College to Harrisburg, and they will fight that with all they have.

Still no word from Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman on whether he supports the bill. Is he going to protect them?

The recent behavior of the Penn State Alumni Association is astonishing. The level of arrogance and entitlement is off the charts. It is laughable for the association to pretend neutrality at this late date.

The usual response of a bureaucracy to attacks is to increase staff. Witness the growth of the athletic director’s staff in the past couple years. They are bringing in less money, paying out huge fines, seeing their revenue docked and the response is to pile on more employees to further reduce the amount of funds available to run sports programs.

Outside critics of Penn State who have long lambasted its arrogance, and who I have long dismissed as jealous fools, were right. Now we see it.

They have driven any number of us away, but in the end they will fail.

Larry Schultz

Berkeley Springs, W.Va.