Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Graham Spanier doesn’t fear truth

Thomas Jefferson once said, “There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.”

Like Jefferson, former Penn State president Graham Spanier has no fear of the truth. He is seeking justice via his defamation lawsuit against Louis Freeh and Penn State.

Trustees Ken Frazier, Keith Masser and Karen Peetz are exposed in the lawsuit’s documents as disparaging the status, reputation and well-being of an accomplished, well-educated and uniquely skilled president.

Jurors will examine and fairly determine an outcome based on all evidence and facts.

At last, Freeh’s partisan narrative, which calculatedly omitted key evidence, and Penn State’s material breach of Spanier’s separation agreement will be revealed for all to see. In open court, the defendants will not be able to ignore the authority of the judicial system as they have ignored alumni in the boardroom.

Spanier was extraordinarily patient filing his lawsuit. He offered sufficient time for Freeh, the university and the 11/11 trustees to atone for past wrongs, but they all failed to do so.

According to the German philosopher Johann Wolfgang Goethe, “A good man apologizes for mistakes of the past, but a great man corrects them.”

Freeh, Masser, Frazier and Peetz are neither good nor great.

Brian Masella

Mansfield Township, N.J.