Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Penn State Alumni Association chief omits facts

Roger L. Williams’ “Penn State Alumni Association protecting its mission of service” (CDT, April 15) omits or glosses over a few inconvenient facts. First, “two more (candidates) were later added (to the ballot) when the alumni association opted not to oppose their petitions” leaves out the fact that this happened after those candidates filed a lawsuit PSAA knew it would lose because the bylaws do not give PSAA any discretion in the matter.

Williams then admits openly that the nominating committee, like the NCAA, made up rules as it went along rather than following the written ones: “The nominating committee had determined that two groups of individuals should not be permitted to run for alumni council….” The bylaws disqualify only full-time university employees from being PSAA president or vice president.

If, as Williams says, a sitting trustee would have a conflict of interest as an alumni council representative, the trustee position that PSAA wants is similarly inappropriate.

Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the living room. If Elizabeth Morgan and James Smith had been shills for Upward State rather than vocal critics of the trustees’ incompetent and dishonest handling of the Sandusky scandal, they might well have not needed petitions to be nominated. If the trustees who sought nominations were named Keith Masser, Kenneth Frazier, Keith Eckel and Karen Peetz instead of Anthony Lubrano, Alice Pope, Ted Brown and Bill Oldsey, I am confident that they would have been put on the ballot without a hitch.

William A. Levinson