Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Rep. Glenn Thompson a sellout

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson is all hat and no cattle regarding his promises to bring our nation’s fiscal house in order.

Thompson continues to fund on the backs of our children and grandchildren President Barack Obama’s importation of millions of illegal aliens, 500,000 of whom recently received their Obama-approved Social Security cards.

These immigrants use more direct federal benefits, state welfare and local services such as English as a second language classes from our public schools than they generate in tax revenue.

That these immigrants are net tax consumers is a feature, not a bug in the eyes of leftist partisans like State College Mayor Elizabeth Goreham.

Thompson’s alliance with Democrats at the behest of the cheap labor lobby leads to bankruptcy and the end of our republican experiment.

Obama and Goreham know that these immigrants and their children will be future voters for the party of bigger government, bigger debts and fewer freedoms.

The GOP primary is less than a year away. Will no patriot step up to save us from two more years of Thompson in Congress and his empty commitments to defend our nation and our liberties?

John Groenveld

State College