Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: End the property tax

It’s a no-brainer: Pennsylvania should abolish the property tax.

The tax is “a 19th century relic,” say G. Terry Madonna and Michael Young in their excellent column “Loathed property tax in cross hairs” (CDT, March 28).

They claim property taxes are not only hated by most taxpayers but are unfair to seniors and others on fixed income; costly to collect; and unreasonably complex, i.e. with arcane metrics like “millage.”

Madonna and Young also note that “the property tax in Pennsylvania is used to fund arguably the most important function of government — education.”

Guess what. The state “ranks 50th in the nation in achieving equal funding among its 500 school districts.”

There is some hope for reform in Harrisburg.

Gov. Tom Wolf and the Republican General Assembly are offering plans to lower and put a lid on property taxes. Let’s hope they find common ground with a compromise.

However, the best of all worlds, Madonna and Young conclude, would be to be rid of the property tax once and for all. That would be “a win for Wolf, the GOP and the long-suffering taxpayers of Pennsylvania.”

Ronald Reagan once said, “The nearest thing to eternity is a government program.”

Let’s hope that doesn’t apply to the property tax in Pennsylvania.

Taxpayers should contact their legislators.

Ted Fuller

Pine Grove Mills