Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Believe in David J. Brown for State College Borough Council

David J. Brown is an excellent choice for State College Borough Council.

I have known Brown for 45 years as a town and gown colleague.

In the gown realm, we were on campus, where I was a professor and he was the director of the Counseling and Psychological Services center.

At CAPS he honed his administrative skills in coordinating the team services of the counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers on his staff.

We also crossed paths when he was teaching courses for Penn State, where he was respected as a learned scholar.

On the town side, we were both members of a private practice group called the Psychological Associates of Central Pennsylvania. In this group, I came to know Brown very well and think his psychotherapeutic skills such as empathy would be helpful in Borough Council meetings.

He also served as the treasurer for the PACP group, thus developing his fiscal expertise.

The administrative skill set he learned at CAPS and his personal and fiscal experiences at PACP would be helpful in negotiating town and gown debates as University Park moves more and more into State College’s considerations.

He has the ability to facilitate these and other negotiations. His skill set and his positive personal qualities make David J. Brown highly qualified for the Borough Council position.

Donald B. Keat II

State College