Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Will Congress fail us again on climate change?

Whatever you think of climate change, we clearly have done much despoliation of this Earth. We do well rationalizing to deny that the greater our wealth — personal or collective.

Nearly all we would do to improve the issues of climate change will help our children, our global neighbors and ourselves.

Addressing consumption, waste and other facets of our environmental ruins cannot be merely excused as nonsense. Let’s get really serious about the factors that play — or would play — havoc with climate. It will never be less expensive, and any failing only dumps the costs — economic and environmental — on our children. It’s that simple.

Everyone’s health is impacted by the effects of climate change, and some are more vulnerable than others — children, the elderly, the sick, the poor — and are least to blame. The White House is taking action on climate with a goal of leading the rest of the world.

The proposed Clean Power Plan sets the first-ever federal limits for carbon pollution from existing power plants and means up to $95 billion in annual climate and public health benefits.

Congress’s deniers of climate change and most all things good for the environment have been committed to protecting polluter profits over public health and are doing everything in their power to stop action on climate.

Every politician worrying about re-election knows blocking climate action won’t fly with voters. So, while climate deniers shout into the wind, communities across America are voting for healthy air and a healthy economy.

Brian Burger