Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Congressional representation depressing

Reading the Roll Call in the CDT, showing how our federal representatives voted, usually leaves me somewhere between scratching my head in disbelief and downright furious. Monday was no different.

Although it failed to reach the two-thirds majority needed to pass, U.S. Reps. Glenn Thompson and Bill Shuster voted to fire any federal worker with a seriously delinquent tax debt, essentially leaving the fired employee without the ability to repay the debt.

Then they voted to add $269 billion to the national debt through 2025 when they repealed estate taxes on estates exceeding $5.43 million per person, even if that person had been convicted of tax fraud.

In what universe is that fair? I’d love to hear their explanations, because I just don’t understand the logic, if indeed there is any.

I’d probably faint if either Thompson or Shuster didn’t vote the party line.

Norita Chyle

State College