Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Lack of outrage over Hillary Clinton email problems shows hypocrisy

Does anyone else remember the actions of the media over the 19-minute blank spot in President Richard Nixon’s tapes? The accusations of deliberately hiding information from the press? Demands for an independent prosecutor?

That was for access to his own personal tapes. There was no rule or law that said he had to record all his White House meetings, etc. He made the recordings for his own use.

Over 4 years, a gap of 19 minutes when a tape ended and a new tape was installed, seems pretty small.

Compare that with the amount of information missing from Hillary Clinton’s email server — 100 percent over her term as secretary of state.

That is a criminal act. The server may have belonged to the Clintons, but the information belonged to you, the American people, by federal statute.

She freely admits she deliberately deleted all the emails “to prevent people from reading my personal information.”

Is that not a felony?

Why are the mainstream media silent about this? Is the fix in? Has the press decided the outcome of the 2016 elections? Would exposing the information prevent the progressives’ desired outcome? If the low-information voters had a little more information, might they vote against the left’s wishes?

Where are the demands for an independent prosecutor to investigate this situation? Is Clinton really above the law?

Paul Hay

State College