Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Ferguson Township development threatens region’s water

In his letter, “Ferguson leadership poor,” (CDT, April 21), Ernest Boyd presents some excellent information about yet another luxury student housing complex being considered in Ferguson Township.

For another very thorough and well-researched article about this latest threat to our water resources, please read the April issue of Voices, which provides considerable background of the issue by Katherine Watt and Laura Dininni.

Readers who care about the source of water for the State College Water Authority and the College Township Water Authority should be interested in these latest plans being considered by the Ferguson Township supervisors.

Toll Bros. is planning to build 1,544 more luxury student housing units in Ferguson Township, adjacent to the watershed of the two water authorities of State College and Lemont.

In 2004 the Centre Region Planning Agency reviewed the first application for this development and urged township supervisors to deny the application, maintain the regional growth boundary and leave the agricultural zoning intact.

Their reasons included hydrogeological evidence that development at the site would threaten the safety of the main drinking water recharge area for the Centre Region.

The plans were revised and re-submitted and still threaten the region’s water. This issue affects the entire Centre Region, not just Ferguson Township.

We need all be aware of these threats to our precious resource — water.

Susan F. Smith