Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Trustees should back away from alumni council ballot

What kind of university has Penn State become where trustees are suing the alumni association at the university they were elected to serve?

As an alumna, I find it incredulous that four trustees who are already on the highest governing board of the university want to also be on the separate alumni council and that, through litigation, they are willing to challenge the decision of the nominating committee of the alumni association and impose themselves on the ballot.

In her recent column, Alice Pope states, “our alumni association should be for all alumni, not just a few insiders. ...”

She is absolutely right. Why would “insiders,” who are trustees, want to take seats on the alumni council away from other alumni volunteers who might also want to serve the university?

The board of trustees and the alumni council have different missions, but both provide opportunities for alumni voluntarism and service. There is no reason to have duplicate membership.

Heather Dale Ricker-Gilbert

State College