Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Writer wrong on some of the facts

In her column “Wolf proposal for severance tax a bad idea” (CDT, April 24), Pennsylvania director of Americans for Prosperity Beth Anne Mumford blasts Gov. Tom Wolf’s severance tax proposal with a dizzying array of “facts.”

One fact she omits is who pays her salary — who Americans for Prosperity are. They are the Koch brothers, two of the five wealthiest Americans.

The wealth of each is in the billions. They have recently publicly declared their support for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for president and they intend to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of their fortunes to help bring that about.

Another “fact” Mumford omitted is that of the 26 oil-and-gas producing states, 23 assess a severance tax on oil and gas production. That includes Texas, which for many months during the current economic recovery has led the nation in job gains, thanks to its booming oil and gas economy.

If you are worried about hurting the oil and gas companies’ bottom lines by assessing a severance tax, just read a few of their annual reports where they brag about the billions they are making in net profits.

Clovis Morrisson

State College