Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Presidential election a waste of time and money

The 2016 presidential Election? Who cares?

Pundits already speculate about 2016 presidential candidates. Reporters give us exciting information about what Hillary Clinton ate at Chipotle or what Ted Cruz or Rand Paul said about Clinton to conservative audiences.

Am I the only one who hears fiddling while Rome burns?

Consider the problems.

ISIS is in the Middle East; drone strikes kill hostages; police are shooting unarmed black men in U.S. cities; protests flare in response to the shootings; parents rebel against Common Core testing requirements; Obamacare is implemented in many U.S. states while politics prevent health care coverage in others; and crumbling roads are evident across the U.S. while politicians delay repairs to stave off tax increases.

That’s just a sampling.

Politicians respond with the same old positions. Democrats will raise taxes, spend on infrastructure and increase the deficit. Republicans will cut taxes, spend on the military and pretend to cut the deficit. Democrats are on the left, Republicans are on the right, the two refuse to compromise and the vast majority of Americans are unrepresented.

It does not matter who is elected. A Democratic president will be blocked by a Republican Congress; a Republican president will be blocked by disputes between tea party and mainstream party leaders.

The result will be continued dysfunction. The 2016 presidential election is a waste of our time and billionaires’ money.

William J. Rothwell

State College