Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Vote for Jesse Barlow

I have known and worked with Jesse Barlow for several years, and I strongly support him for State College Borough Council.

He is thoughtful, smart, hard-working and principled. He loves our town in all its vitality and diversity. He understands the issues facing us: financial viability, neighborhood protection, controlled development and town-gown relations.

Barlow also understands the need for diversification of the borough’s economy by encouraging entrepreneurial enterprises based on new technologies. He is a computer scientist, a field at the cutting edge of new economic development.

Barlow knows that the issues facing the borough are closely interconnected. For example, when a development proposal comes before council, it cannot be considered in isolation. Its effect on the vitality of the neighborhoods and on the borough tax base must be part of the discussion.

One member of borough council can make a big difference by working cooperatively with other members, with borough staff and with the community to move the borough forward.

Jesse Barlow would be that kind of council member.

I urge voters to vote for him in the Democratic primary May 19 and in the general election in November.

Peter Morris

State College

The writer is a member of the State College Borough Council.