Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Freeh’s body of work poor

Having had the opportunity to read the complaint filed by former Penn State president Graham Spanier in the defamation lawsuit brought against Louis Freeh and the university, I thank Spanier for his courage.

With the backing of lazy media, Penn State’s arrogant 2011 board of trustees and an apparently endless rainy day fund, Freeh was permitted to make outrageous statements about Spanier and others without ever having to defend his work.

In his complaint, Spanier makes excellent points. The absurdity of the Freeh report is glaring, blaming four people for concealing evidence while neglecting to mention others who were privy to the same information provided to Spanier.

The complaint goes on to illustrate how Freeh used his illegitimate reputation to build similar cases against others, with little evidence to support his conclusions.

Most recently, Freeh made allegations against Christine Reitano, who is also suing him for defamation. And who could forget Richard Jewell, whose life was turned upside down by Freeh’s FBI, simply for being in the wrong place at the right time.

These are only three examples of lives that Freeh was willing to destroy based on nothing but conjecture. There are numerous others. No doctorate is required to understand that Freeh’s work lacks credibility.

I applaud Spanier for filing this suit. Penn State’s “leadership” lacks the courage to call for answers or demand a refund for Freeh’s shoddy work.

It’s about time someone stands up and holds him accountable.

Linda Berkland

Marysville, Ohio