Letters to the Editor

Centre Gives Letter to the Editor: Community Help Centre

Community Help Centre is enthusiastically participating in this year’s Centre Gives online giving event to request the community’s support for services to county residents experiencing financial and emotional difficulty.

One example of the individuals and families helped in 2014 came to CHC’s program in complete financial crisis. Her husband had become chronically ill and, by doctor’s orders, was physically unable to work in his profession any longer. During the period where he sought another job more suited to his compromised physical condition, the family’s expenses became overwhelming. Facing foreclosure on their home and loss of utilities, this family was helped by CHC’s basic needs case management program. Advocacy with the mortgage and utility companies and partnering with the church community and other service providers, this one-time help allowed the family to stay in their home while making payments that they could afford.

More than 300 Centre County families received basic needs case management services in 2014. Centre Gives is an opportunity to lend your support to maintain the sustainability of this urgently-needed assistance.

Bonnie Tatterson

State College

The writer is executive director of the Community Help Centre.