Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Help elect Tosti-Vasey

As small towns transition to compete with the big box stores and strip malls, what brings people to any town are the unique experiences they can find in Pennsylvania’s historically rich communities. For Bellefonte, the Victorian era buildings and homes, and other building styles guarantee that there is much to see. Since tourism is a leading industry in the state, historic preservation methods and philosophies are much more about smart marketing, rather than merely ‘nice to haves’. There are countless examples of communities that have preserved their character, historic image and take care to keep it intact.

The citizens of Bellefonte’s 3rd Ward have the opportunity to elect a new Borough Council member who is not only committed to historic preservation but also to the open processes that engage citizens in the process of change, i.e. that their opinions matter. Joanne Tosti-Vasey has a commitment to Bellefonte’s success and the determination to be a council member who will be a voice for fairness as issues are brought forth for debate. She knows how important it is to engage varied ideas to solve problems to meet challenges and she has a keen sense for identifying the ramifications of decisions.

Bellefonte needs to capture its full potential as a tourism ‘destination.’ While that is being accomplished, all voices need to be heard, and consensus needs to be reached when options are considered. Tosti-Vasey can and will, if elected, be a solid voice to assure a citizen-engaged and fair process.

Nancy Perkins