Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Higgins for commissioner

I’ve never seen Mark Higgins work in his capacity as a turnaround expert for business. Instead, Higgins impressed me through his involvement with K-12 education as a core community issue.

As a neighbor, I initially heard him examining and questioning drastic state cuts in education funding. Later I joined in at the tail end of his tireless work on the State High referendum.

In each case, Higgins had questions; he reached out to multiple sources to learn; he made a decision about what would best benefit this area; and then did everything he could to make it happen — organizing and effectively involving others, doing the slow, often uncomfortable work of knocking on doors, writing letters to those who could help make change.

As I worked with him in that campaign, I was impressed with his command of the issues, but also with his ability to really listen to multiple viewpoints and share the information that a person was most looking for.

Through that work and his work as part of the Leadership Centre County class of 2015, Higgins has gotten to know Centre County. I am confident that he will listen well, reach out and act to strengthen this county, and I am convinced that he can work well on a three-person leadership team.

Join me in voting for Higgins as a candidate for Centre County commissioner.

Cricket Eccleston Hunter

State College