Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Bellefonte needs Tosti-Vasey

Bellefonte needs a change in leadership. For three decades, Frank Halderman has been a fixture on borough council. During that time, the condition of Bellefonte has become increasingly precarious. Historic landmarks have burned, their lots lying vacant. Hard-working small-business owners struggle to survive. All this has happened under Halderman’s watch.

His answer has always been to assure us that salvation is on its way. But this involves looking elsewhere for solutions to the town’s problems.

In a recent forum, he claimed Bellefonte is working with developers “to bring in national accounts” and with Penn State “to handle any overflow of new commercial and industrial entities it seeks to bring into the region.”

Bellefonte deserves more than another municipality’s “overflow.” Halderman’s idea of leadership is to wait for somebody else to come along and solve all our problems. Rather than nurturing local businesses and local interests, he tells them wait in line.

Bellefonte needs new leaders who will support local businesses and other community initiatives. We need leaders who will invest in Bellefonte itself — its children, its historic architecture, its natural and cultural resources. We need leaders who will work with, not against, our residents and visitors. We need leaders who will break away from the decades of cronyism that have stifled local growth. I thus write in strong support of Joanne Tosti-Vasey for Borough Council. She is an active voice for the needs of our community, rather than for her own agenda. Vote Tosti-Vasey on May 19.

Jonathan Eburne