Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Seek quality elected officials

You may be voting for a township supervisor. Reimbursement isn’t great for the time commitment but other motivators are desire for power or public service. Supervisors can feel no one cares because residents don’t watch C-NET videos of meetings nor attend. We just trust supervisors to look out for us.

Supervisors are often the only recourse, other than legal, to ensure that township employees serve the residents. A Roadmaster can, without notice, use a Brush-Hogger type machine at heights of 20-22 feet shattering all tree limbs along your property front. These “mowers” use kinetic energy at up to 150 mph and inch-thick dull bars posing a hurling hazard of rocks and debris up to 300 feet. Why would a township use this machine in a residential neighborhood, risking injury or damage to pets, humans and property? Why would $15 per year postage be too much expense for the township to notify residents of the intention to “mow” their property that season? Property owners could arrange pruning to protect trees and property values. My Roadmaster says if residents know in advance, “they’ll try to stop me ahead of time.” Bottom line: Supervisors let him.

Will your vote be for a person who will protect your family’s welfare and provide the services that you want and need? This vote merits consideration because a township supervisor can make a big difference in whether you can live securely in your home and have your property protected.

Brenda Black

Halfmoon Township