Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Penn State President Eric Barron’s letter a bad joke

As I read Penn State President Barron’s letter to the alumni-elected trustees May 6, I had to look at the date to make sure it wasn’t April 1.

Did he really say “squander university resources”? Did the pot just call the kettle black?

The trustees should be held accountable to confidentiality. Likewise, they should have access to all information required for them to accomplish their role as stewards of Penn State.

To deny some of the trustees (ironically, always the alumni-elected trustees) seems suspect from an administration that pledges transparency.

If he chooses to call out the squandering of resources, namely cash, he should also explain why Penn State so willingly paid millions for a report that was never officially accepted, reviewed or validated.

It has been validated as flawed many times over. Yet the alumni trustees remain in the dark about the details of that report.

Why was Penn State so willing to represent The Second Mile as part of the $60 million victim payout without proper due diligence? And why did that payout include a gag order? Talk about squandering.

Barron remains a colossal disappointment and stands as yet another key example of how a very select few self-appointed trustees at Penn State control over $1 billion in revenue generated by the “nonprofit” that is Penn State.

So I say remain calm and sue on, alumni trustees! It’s high time the few elite trustees learn that Penn State is our school. Perhaps our elected state officials will someday agree.

Nancy Lee