Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Penn State President Eric Barron’s letter to alumni trustees unwarranted

In his May 5 letter to the Penn State community, President Eric Barron attacks the alumni-elected trustees for requesting legal fees incurred in seeking information that is theirs by right. He wrote, “It is difficult to fathom why you would squander university resources in such a manner,” and he laments the potential for “serious financial harm” to the school.

Barron goes on to cite the actions of the alumni-elected trustees as “a campaign against Penn State.”

What he fails to acknowledge is that the real campaign against Penn State began in November 2011, when the trustees allowed the media to direct the narrative that began with a false grand jury presentment.

Athletics became the scapegoat; Louis Freeh rubber-stamped the false narrative on a national stage in July 2012; the NCAA couldn’t wait to pounce; and now we’ve learned that certain board members may have been complicit in this campaign to divert attention from the truth.

It is those actions that have “squandered university resources” in such a manner that it will take years to reverse the damage.

The alumni-elected trustees had no part in the campaign that brought us to this point; they are, in fact, trying to put an end to it.

Janet Kudravetz

Arlington, Va.