Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Bernie Sanders makes sense

“Are we ready for Hillary?” should not be the question at the nucleus of our political, social, environmental and economic need.

Instead, we should be asking some very important questions of all the candidates: Which candidates will stand against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Accord? Who stands for a $15 minimum wage and the right of workers to form a union? Who believes in equal pay for women?

Who among the candidates will stand for a jobs-creation program? Who will fight to expand Social Security by proposing the removal of the current $118,500 a year income cap tax that allows anyone earning more than $118,500 to stop paying any further Social Security tax? Who will help to lower student debt by lowering interest rates on loans to about 4 percent?

What about reinstating banking rules such as the Glass-Steagall regulation? Which candidate will seriously challenge the ownership of the government through big-money politics? Who will have the courage to demand an end to the Bush-era tax cuts and other tax cuts of the same nature? Who will stand for cradle-to-the-grave universal health care for all citizens?

Finally, who will stand against Big Brother surveillance of citizens by our own government?

Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for the presidency recently. He strongly supports an open and honest debate involving all presidential candidates during the primaries and again during the general election concerning the problems of social and economic inequality in America.

Louis Mollica