Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Miller is best choice

I support Hope Miller, a candidate for register of wills. I have known Miller for several years.

She has been a strong woman of character. She, as tax collector, helped many individuals and families. As jury commissioner, Miller again proved to be strong, having the task of working on a jury pool for big trials, including the Jerry Sandusky trial.

It was not until Miller became jury commissioner that jury pooling was advanced to the 21st century with computers. Until computers were installed, jury pools were done by hand. We all know Centre County, at times, has a larger than normal population with the student population. It is a daunting task to obtain a jury pool in these circumstances.

Because of the varied positions Miller has held within the county, always serving the taxpayers, I believe she is the best woman for the position of register of wills. She will devote time and energy necessary for that office to continue into the years ahead. She has management skills, education and the belief that all things should be fair.

She will bring patience, grace and goodwill to the office of register of wills.

I ask that voters read her bio and decide for themselves that she is the person needed for register of wills.

Sharon Goss